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Service User Rights and Responsibilities Summary


While receiving services from Cota, service users have certain rights and responsibilities.  These are listed below for my reference.


Service users have the right to:

  • Accept, decline or withdraw from Cota services

  • Receive a suitable orientation to services that I will be receiving so that I fully understand the nature and the terms of the specific service(s)

  • Be informed of any possible costs relating to services (e.g. rent, registration fees)

  • Be informed of any possible changes relating to services

  • Be listened to and voice my concerns without repercussions

  • Ask questions and have my questions responded to within a reasonable amount of time

  • Be treated with courtesy and respect by Cota staff

  • Have my personal values and beliefs respected

  • Play an active role in directing my support in relation to my own individual goals

  • Access and review my personal health information file

  • Decide who can share information about me with Cota and provide consent for this to happen

  • Peaceful enjoyment of services and to receive services in a safe and reliable manner

  • Have my personal information kept confidential except in instances where I  have disclosed or Cota has assessed that I may be at harm to myself or others

  • Register a complaint about Cota’s services by following the appropriate Cota feedback process.

Service users have a responsibility to:


  • Give consent before receiving service

  • Treat Cota staff and fellow Service Users with courtesy and respect

  • Refrain from any harassing, offensive, discriminatory, intimidating and/or threatening behaviour toward Cota staff and fellow Service Users

  • Work cooperatively with the Service Provider to set goals and work towards them

  • Arrange to meet with Cota staff in a mutually agreeable safe place

  • Inform the Service Provider of changes in my circumstances/condition (e.g., change of address, medical issues)

  • Be ready and on time for scheduled appointments

  • Give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment

  • Follow the Cota feedback process if lodging a complaint


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