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Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) program

Cota’s Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) program provides case management services to young adults with developmental disabilities who were formerly in the care of a Toronto-based child welfare agency and who currently reside in a per diem residence. Service providers ensure that clients receive quality support while they are transitionally housed in a per diem residence and coordinate placement/transitional planning to move to adult settings.

Services Offered

The TAY program offers the following services:

  • Joint planning with Toronto-based child welfare agencies prior to the person’s discharge from child-welfare care
  • Active case management services from the time the individual leaves child welfare care to the time that placement is secured in the adult transfer payment system. These services include:
    • Assistance in the individual’s development of life plans
    • Monitoring the quality of care that the individual receives from the per diem agency
    • Active pursuit of adult placement options on behalf of the individual
    • Transition planning for individuals making the transition from the termporary per diem residence to the adult transfer payment system
    • Short-term post-placement follow-up

Services Available To

Individuals who are eligible for developmental services as confirmed by Developmental Services Ontario-Toronto Region, who are leaving the care of a Toronto-based child welfare agency and are currently residing in a per diem agency.


The TAY program supports clients throughout southern Ontario.

To Make a Referral

Referrals are made to Developmental Services Ontario-Toronto Region by the four Toronto-based child welfare agencies: Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto; Children's Aid Society of Toronto; Jewish Family and Child Services and Native Child and Family Services.

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