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Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) program

Cota’s Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Program supports adults with developmental disabilities who were formerly in the care one of the Toronto-based Children’s Aid Societies (i.e. Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto, Children's Aid Society of Toronto, Jewish Family and Child Services, and Native Child and Family Services). The program ensures that clients receive quality support while they reside in privately operated fee-for-service residential care settings. The program also coordinates placements for clients into permanent residential care settings within the Adult Developmental Services Sector, where appropriate. After clients have successfully transitioned to a residential care setting within the Adult Developmental Services Sector, they will be discharged from the TAY Program.

Services Offered

The TAY program provides the following services:

  • Joint planning with Toronto-based Children’s Aid Societies prior to each individual’s discharge from the children’s services sector
  • Ongoing coaching and compliance audits as needed for each privately operated fee-for-service agency to meet the legislated standards of care required by the Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • Active case management services which include:
    • Supporting the development of an individualized life plan so that each client can determine his her/her future goals and directions as they transition into adulthood
    • Monitoring the quality of care that individuals receive while they are housed at fee-for-service agencies
    • Facilitating access to a range of service options within the adult services sector including residential placements, day programs, etc.

Services Available To

The TAY Program supports individuals who:
  • Are 18 years of age or older 
  • Are deemed to be eligible for Adult Developmental Services by DSO (Developmental Services Ontario) 
  • Are former crown wards who have been placed into a fee-for-service residential setting 
  • Are referred to the TAY Program by one of the Toronto-based Children’s Aid Societies


The TAY program supports clients throughout southern Ontario.

To Make a Referral

Referrals to the TAY Program can only be made by one of the four Toronto-based Children’s Aid Societies:
  • Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto
  • Children's Aid Society of Toronto
  • Jewish Family and Child Services
  • Native Child and Family Services

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