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Streets to Homes Intensive Follow-Up Supports

Cota is one of the community partners in the "Streets to Homes" program, a partnership with the City of Toronto. This program works with street-involved, homeless individuals and its goal is to end street homelessness within the City of Toronto utilizing the Housing First strategy. This program focuses on housing individuals directly from the street, providing services in a client centred, solution focused manner, improving system coordination, and providing a range of innovative programs designed to meet the specific needs of homeless individuals.

Cota’s role within this program is to provide intensive follow-up housing support for a minimum of 1 year, to individuals with extremely high needs (Addictions, Acquired Brain Injury, mental health issues), that require up to 5 visits a week in order to stay housed.

Services Offered

Our Streets to Homes follow up services are committed to being flexible and responsive to the unique needs  of each client. The program typically includes:

  •     Outreach supports and the development of a trusting working relationship between the client and the service provider
  •     One-on-one support to provide a range of practical housing and housing stabilization options
  •     Developing a working relationship with the landlord and stay informed about rental payments
  •     Encourage and accompany on community integration initiatives
  •     Collaborative development of an individualized housing plan that respects client’s personal preferences and autonomy
  •     Support in accessing basic necessities such as food, clothing and the furniture bank
  •     Support in accessing case management if needed after discharge
  •     Collaborative development of a personalized pre-determined safety plan
  •     Collaborative development and implementation of an individualized recovery plan
  •     Assistance to achieve/maintain optimum health and wellness
  •     Direct support in the areas of:
    •            Education about the nature of mental health challenges
    •            Support and education to caregivers and/or the person’s support network, as appropriate
    •            Development of self-management strategies
    •            Encouragement, emotional support and motivation
    •            Development of personal support networks
    •            Development/maintenance of general life skills
    •            Support in maintaining housing
    •            Referring to and accessing other desired/needed community and primary health care services (referrals to primary health care services as may be required)

Services Available To

Street involved or homeless adults, with complex issues working with the City of Toronto, Streets to Homes program.


Cota’s follow-up support workers provide services in the Greater Toronto Area.

To Make a Referral

This is a closed referral system. All referrals come from the City of Toronto, Streets to Homes Outreach workers.

This program is funded by the City of Toronto.

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