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Mental Health & Justice: Prevention Program

Cota’s Mental Health & Justice: Prevention Program provides individualized support to clients living with a serious mental illness who are at significant risk of involvement or re-involvement with the criminal justice system.Our Mental Health & Justice: Prevention Program case managers work collaboratively with their clients to provide client-centred support aimed at assisting them to minimize the probability of future involvement with the justice system and live safe, active and fulfilling lives within the community.

Services Offered

While our services are committed to being flexible and responsive to the unique needs and desires of each client, the supports offered via this program typically include:

  •     Comprehensive assessment
  •     Collaborative development of a personalized safety plan
  •     Collaborative development and implementation of an individualized recovery/goal plan
  •     Assistance to achieve/maintain optimum health and wellness
  •     Direct support in the areas of:
    •         assistance with legal issues/proceedings
    •         education about the nature of the persons mental illness
    •         support and education to care givers and/or the person’s support network, as appropriate
    •         development of self-management strategies
    •         encouragement, emotional support and motivation
    •         development of personal support networks
    •         development/maintenance of abilities relating to activities of daily living
    •         referring to and accessing other desired/needed community and primary health care services.

Services Available To

Adults (16 yrs +) who are living with a serious mental illness. In addition, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

  •     Be referred by a police or probation officer who identifies the individual as at moderate to high risk of being charged with an offense
  •     Be currently facing charges or have been released from jail within the past year
  •     Individual is living with five or more of the following risk factors:
    •         Has two or more prior convictions
    •         Has current or significant history of substance abuse
    •         Has current family conflict
    •         Experiencing financial stress
    •         Lacks social/informal supports
    •         Has a history of violence
    •         Has active symptoms of a serious mental illness
    •         Has a poor living arrangement (i.e., homeless or at risk of homelessness, or, three or more address changes in the past year)
    •         Has been the subject of two or more police mental health calls or apprehensions within the past year
    •         Is not participating in an organized activity such as: employment, school, volunteer work, leisure activity, mental health/social support program, etc.


The Cota Mental Health & Justice: Prevention Program is offered to residents of the North York Community only. Similar services are available in other Toronto communities, through other agencies.

To Make a Referral

Referrals to this service can be made by contacting Cota’s Client Services at 416-785-9230.

This program is funded by the Central Local Health Integration Network.

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