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Annual Baseball Games with the Boarding Home Site Support Program

Cota’s Boarding Home Site Support Program assigns teams of service providers to support over 700 tenants within the boarding home system and to some apartments and co-op settings. Teams visit sites on a regular basis to provide support to the tenants who live there and also to boarding home operators and their staff.  Services include the facilitation of group activities and events which foster tenant engagement, the development of social connections, education and skill acquisition. Click here for more information about this program.

Every year from July to September, the teams organize popular baseball games for tenants. 

It was a beautiful sunny day...


At the bat!


The group enjoys a well-deserved break between innings.



A kung-fu baseball pitching technique.

Encouraging the team!

It was a game well-played. Everyone leaves the field to rehash the glories of the game.

What a great clean-up crew!



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