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Useful Links and Crisis Phone Numbers

Welcome Home, A Guide to Services for Tenants

A very helpful, and thorough guide for accessing support services in the City of Toronto has been put together by the City of Toronto's Shelter, Support and Housing Administration Division. The guide includes:
crisis and emergency information; general information and referral numbers; housing and housing assistance information; health and wellness resources; information about things to do in Toronto; education and employment resources; legal and financial information; and, information about Transportation.

The online version can be accessed here.

A pdf version can be accessed here.

Crisis Phone Numbers

If you are in distress or in an emergency, please call Emergency Services 911.

 Distress Centre
 416-408-4357 or 416-408-HELP
 Gerstein Centre
 St. Michael's Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Services (for individuals residing in
Scarborough see Scarborough section for an alternative)
 Griffin Community Crisis Network (specific to individuals who have a
dual diagnosis)

Other Crisis Phone Numbers

 CAMH 24 Hour Emergency
 416-535-8501 ext. 6885
 Mental Health Helpline
 Poison Info
 Sherbourne Health Clinic
 Street Help Line
 Telehealth Ontario
 211 Toronto for inquiries about community programs
such as food banks
 211 Toll Free
 311 Toronto for inquiries about programs and services provided
by the City such as shelters
 311 Toll Free

The following phone numbers are geographical area-specific.

Other Crisis Phone Numbers-Downtown Toronto

 Sherbourne Health Centre
 St. Michael's Hospital
 Toronto General Hospital
 Toronto Western Hospital

Other Crisis Phone Numbers-North York & Etobicoke

 North York General Hospital-Branson Site
 North York General Hospital-Leslie Site
 St. Elizabeth Mobile Crisis Team

Other Crisis Phone Numbers-Scarborough

 Mobile Crisis Program for Scarborough and
East York Scarborough Hospital
 Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital
 Scarborough General Hospital-General Campus
 Scarborough General Hospital-Grace Campus 416-498-2400
 The Scarborough Hospital Mobile Crisis Program
 The Scarborough Hospital Emergency Department

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  Handout - Education & Prevention

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