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Health, Home & Community Program

This integrated support team has been put in place to work with the entire tenant population of 220 Oak Street. The service will attempt to build a sense of community within the building through the coordination of groups, special events and health promotion activities. It will also engage with individuals living with mental health, substance use and/or physical health challenges who may benefit from individualized supports in order to achieve their best possible health and to maintain their housing stability.

Services Offered

  • Outreach supports and the development of a trusting relationship between the tenants and the Health, Home & Community Support Team
  • Facilitation of group activities, special events and health promotion activities open to all tenants
  • Individualized supports in the areas of:
    • Information counsellings and guidance
    • Support and education for mental health and addiction issues
    • Supports that assist with maintaining housing stability
    • Assistance in coordinating the involvement of other health services or personal supports as may be necessary (e.g., a family doctor, accessing basic necessities such as personal identification)

Services Available To/Location of Services

Service is available exclusively to tenants at 220 Oak Street. Accessing service is voluntary.

To Make a Referral

Any individual can make a referral for Cota's Health, Home & Community Program services by contacting the Cota office at 220 Oak Street directly at (416) 363-5080 or by emailing

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