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Kathy's Recovery Story

Cota's ABI ADS Program

Cota held its first ever Brain Injury Awareness event at our ABI ADS Program location during Brain Injury Awareness Month June 2019. Members of the ABI ADS Community of Practice attended the event and joined in on the planned day-time activities. 

"This kind of event is important at multiple levels: (1) it gives clients an opportunity to tell their stories, (2) staff get a chance to come together and share their experiences with other professionals, and (3) it helps us to continuously develop our programs because new ideas generate at these kinds of events," - Venky Rao (Manager, Community Health Services).

Cota's ABI ADS program provides opportunities for people with acquired brain injuries to engage in meaningful day-time activities, explore their strengths and develop new skills within a supportive group environment.

The Adult Day Service is a client-centred program that promotes personal recovery and community inclusion; thus, group members are supported to define their own goals and to help shape group activities to meet those goals.

Kathy's Recovery Story

Kathy volunteered to share her story on camera with us at the Brain Injury Awareness event. She is a longstanding attendee with the ADS program, and her positive energy, words of hope, and sheer determination to succeed really captivated us. Kathy has been recovering from a brain injury that happened more than 14 years ago. This is her story...

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