Cota Launches Pilot Program at 220 Oak Street

TORONTO, December 1, 2014 — A new Cota pilot project launched today that will deliver on-site health supports to residents of a Toronto Community Housing building in the downtown east. By working together, Cota and Toronto Community Housing hope to create and foster opportunities that contribute to improved well-being for residents and neighbourhood quality of life.

Under the Health, Home and Community initiative, an integrated staff team will deliver services to residents at 220 Oak Street six days a week. The pilot project aims to build a sense of community within the building and engage with individuals who may benefit from supports that Cota has to offer. Supports will focus on providing assistance to residents in order to reduce potentially costly crisis interventions, including emergency department visits, and paramedic and police calls.

The pilot project will run from December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2015. The implementation and impact of the service will be evaluated throughout the life of the pilot. Cota and Toronto Community Housing hope to sustain the initiative beyond its initial phase.

220 Oak Street Pilot partnership Cota, TCHC and some Toronto 911 Responders
TO Police, TCHC, residents at 220 Oaks and Cota

Cota is very excited to launch the Health, Home and Community initiative at 220 Oak St. We are committed to working collaboratively with Toronto Community Housing and other key stakeholders to inspire positive change in the lives of the tenant population of this building. We are confident that this project will demonstrate that the commitment to the provision of dedicated on-site supports, within a social housing context, results not only in improved outcomes for the most vulnerable residents, but also in a positive impact that can be felt across the broader health and social service systems

Paul Bruce (CEO, Cota)

Like everyone else in Toronto, residents of Toronto Community Housing buildings deserve to live in safe, vibrant, healthy communities. Working together with tenants, Toronto Community Housing and Cota are launching a new partnership at 220 Oak Street that aims to bring the supports people need right into the community. This initiative is a great example of how a social housing provider and a community support service can work together to create safe, liveable communities where people can thrive

Greg Spearn (CEO Interim, TCHC)
220 Oak Street Pilot partnership Cota, TCHC and some Toronto 911 Responders
TO Police, TCHC, residents at 220 Oaks and Cota

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