Cota’s Health, Home and Community Program Acorn Arts Project

Located at the 220 Oak Street residential site, Cota’s Health, Home, and Community Program have been working in collaboration with local artists Bruce, Naomi, and Masha to foster a sense of community with the residents through art.

Individual participating in the Acorn Arts Project
Art work by a resident at 220 Oak Street

What started off as an art studio project focused mainly on clay work with a few participants, has turned into a multimedia, explorative community space with ongoing projects, learning and a growing membership. We have become a family.

Masha (Co-Artist-Lead)

The impact of this program extends past the 220 Oak Street residents, and has garnered donation support from the community. Maureen and her husband are one such example.

They heard about the Acorn Arts project through CBC Radio around the same time that their close friend Carole passed away. Carole was a local artist with a vast collection of brand new art supplies and Maureen had just found a home for them: the Acorn Arts Project! Maureen contacted Naomi and made the arrangements. She drove from the Durham Region area with her husband and friend Linda to downtown Toronto to drop off brand new art supplies to 220 Oak Street.

This was a labour of love to our close friend Carole, and her family is so ecstatic that the donations went to people who will use and appreciate them

Maureen and her husband making a large donation to support the art project
Naomi (local artist), Maureen and her husband, friend Linda, and Pat (Cota Staff)

Another impact is the positive media attention from CBC. The Acorn Arts Project was nominated and subsequently selected as one of five winners for the CBC Toronto Champions project. Click the photo to listen to their radio interview on Here and Now Toronto:

The local artists and Cota staff at the CBC Community Champions awards evening
Masha, Pat, Bruce and Naomi at the Awards Ceremony
CBC Here and Now interview with local artists and Cota staff about the acorn arts project
CBC Here and Now Podcast

Furthermore, Marivel Taruc from CBC Our Toronto visited the site and was in awe of the program and its impact on the lives of residents. The CBC Our Toronto segment was broadcast on TV April 27/28 at noon.

CBC OUR TORONTO Marivel visiting 220 Oak Street art studio to film segment
Marivel talking with local artist Bruce in the Acorn Arts Studio space

This is the kind of story people need to hear

Marival Taruc
CBC OUR TORONTO Marivel visiting 220 Oak Street art studio to film segment
CBC filming resident in the Acorn Arts Studio space

Pat, Naomi, Bruce and Masha thank all the supporters for their generous contributions and hope to continue connecting with the surrounding community to keep this program open!


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