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Residential Site Story: Part II

The Adams House Supportive Housing Program provides onsite supports to 26 residents – 24-long term and two transitional. When Cota’s EPAC implemented the emergency preparedness plan, Adams House shifted into pandemic-mode.

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We instinctively transitioned into acute problem-solving mode overnight and instituted several safety protocols immediately. The team was very receptive and I’m so proud of the work they have done, and continue to do every day.

Martha (Manager, Community Health Services)

If asked to describe this team, the first word that comes to mind is resilience. This team has overcome so many challenges in the past few months. Yet, the team continues to be unfailingly dedicated and passionate about their work.

A Snapshot of the First Few Weeks

It was a strenuous first few weeks as the team added new measures to ensure the safety of the residents and Cota staff. With added precautions such as limiting the number of people in the common area, 7-day a week cleaning support, educating the residents constantly about the importance of hand hygiene and staying home, and reorganizing the staff office space to maintain physical distance, the team has seen a number of impacts with the residents.

I see our clients wearing masks now and really paying attention to hand hygiene,

Fatima (Supportive Housing Worker)
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This is in large part due to the team’s good rapport that they’ve fostered with the residents, which has led to creating an environment of trust and calmness. “The residents understand that we are working really hard to keep them safe and that gives them a sense of comfort and hope.”

Positive Outcomes

This tireless work over the first few months has resulted in zero positive cases to date and it’s something the team celebrates daily. “You have to keep your spirits up.”

Staff also appreciate the support they receive from the organization and their manager. “Cota’s EPAC communicates relevant information weekly and our Senior Director, Sylvia, checks in too. If we need to call Martha, she is always there for us.”

Graphic of a woman wearing a mask

The team has grown so much. I trust them and know they are delivering high quality care; it is very inspiring.

Martha (Manager, Community Health Services)

At the end of the day, it’s the dedication of the team that has led to the success of this site. Someone needs to be here to ensure the safety of the tenants… if no one was here they would be so vulnerable. We just have to come in.

Adams House Team
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