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Services de soutien sur place

Cota’s Boarding Home Site Support program assigns teams of service providers to support tenants within the Habitat Services boarding home system and to some apartments and co-op settings operated by Mainstay Housing. The teams visit sites on a regular basis to provide support to the tenants who live there and also to boarding home operators and their staff. Services include the facilitation of group activities and events which foster tenant engagement, the development of social connections, education and skill development. The teams also provide individual support to tenants, as time allows, in the areas of community orientation, linking to other services and professional supports, situational dispute resolution and informal counselling and guidance.

To make a referral: This Cota service is offered to the tenants that Habitat Services and Mainstay Housingadmit to specific housing sites. As such, Cota does not accept referrals for this program from other sources.

The Community Paramedic-Led Clinic is a new initiative in Central East-LHIN (Scarborough) and a first of its kind in the GTA. It is a partnership between Toronto Paramedic Services, Hong Fook Mental Health Association and Cota. Cota’s GMH Case Manager works in collaboration with the other partner organizations to provide weekly health clinics in five (5) Toronto Community Housing buildings in the Scarborough area. The program provides home visits to tenants living in the building with a history of frequent ambulance use or emergency department visits. The Paramedic-Led Clinics and home visits will assess the social-economic, environmental, and medical needs of the individual and ensure referrals to various community agencies.

Ce service de Cota est offert aux locataires résidant dans un des cinq immeubles de la Toronto Community Housing dans la région de Scarborough. Pour obtenir des renseignements sur le programme, appelez la ligne de l’unité communautaire paramédicale au 416-397-4322.

The Health, Home & Community program provides an on-site support service to the tenant community of 220 Oak Street, six (6) days per week. The program is delivered by a multiservice team comprised of a mental health case manager, a supportive housing worker, an addictions case manager and peer support specialists. Services are dedicated to assisting individual tenants to maintain their housing stability, improve their physical and mental health status, reduce unnecessary crisis calls to the building (e.g., EMS/police calls) and promote the development of community within the broader tenant population.

For more information or to make a referral: This service is only available to tenants of 220 Oak St. Any 220 Oak St. tenant can request services by contacting the Cota office at 220 Oak Street directly at 416-363-5080.

The Lawrence East Partnership Program provides on-site support services to tenants of two Toronto Community Housing located at 4175 and 4205 Lawrence Avenue East, in Scarborough. The program aims to support vulnerable tenants with complex needs to maintain housing stability and improve their physical and mental health status. The program is delivered by a multiservice team comprised of mental health case managers, a registered nurse, a housing worker, a peer support worker and a personal support worker. This partnership includes Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (lead agency), Fred Victor and Cota. Cota provides a mental health case manager to the program.

This Cota service is offered to any tenants at 4175 Lawrence Avenue and 4205 Lawrence Avenue.

To make a referral: call 416-847-4158 ou faites parvenir un courriel à


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