June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

In our most recent edition of Get Cota Connected, we are recognizing two of our residents at Collegeview and their inspiring stories for Brain Injury Awareness Month.


When Alice first joined the Collegeview Program, she faced many challenges and barriers to her recovery. She was consumed in grief after losing both her grandparents, and felt hopeless each day. The Collegeview team never gave up on her, especially Monique (Supportive Housing Worker) who eventually was able to engage with Alice in conversation and social activity. This is Alice’s inspiring recovery story:


Chris joined the Collegeview program in 2007. Native born to Toronto, Chris spent the next forty years of his with an addictions issue. He suffered two strokes and an open heart surgery at the age of 40 due to aorta failure. “I was such a pig with drugs that, it is kind of funny, they used a pig’s aorta to replace mine.” Here is his amazing recovery story:

Chris said that there are two types of people in the world: “takers and givers.” One of the goals he set for himself after joining the Collegeview Program was to be a giver! And give he does! Amongst several volunteering positions, Chris helps out at the YMCA and leads a Cocaine Annonymous Support Group at a jail he visits once a month. Heather McKay (Registered Nurse-Case Manager, Collegeview, Cota) says that “Chris is one of the most motivated people.” Chris said a few times,

Individual living in one of Cota's supportive housing prgorams
Chris outside our Collegeview Location

every day is a new day. I have two choices I can make: I can sit on my bed all day and do nothing. Or I can get up and give back.


He often references his mentor, Father Paul Sharboneau (Brentwood, Windsor) who gave so much to Chris and the surrounding community. Chris talks about Brain Injury Stigma, and how important it is to be aware.

I don't want to let my brain injury bury me because I almost buried myself.


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