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The Positive Effects of Geriatric Mental Health Case Management Services (GMHCM) on Our Seniors Population

How Isabel found a new sense of hope

While Autism Awareness Month is recognized in October, we wanted to share this impact story ahead of time due to it’s urgent call-to action in supporting Ontario’s Senior population.

Isabel and Arlene (Geriatric Mental Health Case Manager, Cota), began working together after Isabel was referred to Cota from Reconnect. Arlene worked with the previous community health care providers and identified critical needs to help Isabel meet her goals. After working together for a year, Arlene notes that

individual receiving GMHCM services from Cota case manager
Arlene (GMHCM) and Isabel (service user)

Isabel looks brighter, more motivated and energized. She is in a positive space and really excited about life.

Arlene (GMHCM, Cota)

That’s the positive effect of geriatric case management services on some of our most vulnerable and often isolated community members.

COVID-19 has disrupted community healthcare service delivery and many individuals have not been able to access needed face-to-face services. This is especially critical for Ontario’s Seniors population and those living with mental health and cognitive challenges.

As Arlene explains in the video, we need to come together more than ever as a community, as family and caregivers, and as partner organizations to ensure our seniors’ needs are met.


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