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Case Management

Cota’s Integrated Service Teams (ISTs) are multidisciplinary teams that provide case management services to multiple target populations within defined geographic catchment areas (LHIN sub-regions). Presently, Cota’s ISTs offer services in following LHIN sub-regions: North York IST, Scarborough IST, Toronto West IST: Toronto West and Toronto Mid-West Sub-Regions, and Toronto East IST.

The multidisciplinary format of our ISTs allow each case manager to offer service to clients within his/her area of expertise while promoting knowledge exchange and mutual support amongst team members to enable better care to clients presenting with complex needs.

Services include assessment, individualized recovery/goal planning and direct support in areas of identified need. Each IST is comprised of service providers in the following positions: Acquired Brain Injury Case Managers, Addictions Case Managers, Dual Diagnosis Case Managers, Geriatric Mental Health (GMH) Case Managers, Mental Health Case Managers, Mental Health Nurse Case Managers, and Consulting Psychiatrists.

For referral information, please click here to go to our referral page.

Cota has three core Court and Justice related services:

The Mental Health Court Support Program assists adults (16+ years) with identified mental illnesses, who are involved with the justice system and have had their charges diverted, to get the treatment and support they need as an alternative to proceeding with prosecution. Services offered include referrals to/assistance with accessing short-term or long-term services in the mental health system such as case management and supportive housing.

To make a referral: referrals are accepted directly at Cota’s Mental Health Court Support Office withint the 1000 Finch Avenue West Court.

The Mental Health & Justice: Prevention Program provides individualized support to adults (16+ years) living with a serious mental illness who are at significant risk of involvement or re-involvement with the criminal justice system. Our Mental Health & Justice: Prevention Program service providers work collaboratively with their clients to provide client-centred support aimed at assisting them to minimize the probability of future involvement with the justice system and live safe, active and fulfilling lives within the community.

For more information or to make a referral: call us at (416)-785-9230 ext. 8793.

The Release Planning Case Management Program is designed for inmates with a serious mental illness, about to be released from the Toronto South Detention Centre. Cota provides services to male inmates on remand (awaiting trial, sentencing or other proceedings) and offenders who are on short-term sentences. The Release Planning Case Management Program is designed to provide short-term support for clients as they transition back into the community.

Referrals to this service are received directly through the staff at the Toronto South Detention Centre.

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Behaviour Therapy Service provides behavioural support and case management services to people who are living with an ABI, are 16 years of age or older and reside within the boundaries of Toronto Central LHIN. The team which includes a psychologist, behaviour therapists and a case manager, support clients by providing a combination of skills teaching, behavioural approaches and case management supports.

For more information or to make a referral: please call the Toronto ABI Network (416)-597-3057.

For more information or to make a referral from the South York Region: please call us at (416)-785-9230 ext. 8793.


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